Learning, Recognition, and Surveillance

The LRS Group Members

Learning, Recognition, and Surveillance is a work-group at the Institute for Computer Graphics and Vision at Graz University of Technology. The group's main scientific research interests in the computer vision are machine learning and object recognition/detection/tracking, where the main focus of application is visual surveillance. For general questions, please send us an e-mail .


July 2016

We got one paper accepted at ECCV in Amsterdam! Congratulations to Opitz et al. (Grid Loss: Detecting Occluded Faces).

October 2015

Congratulations to Zeppelzauer and Poier, et al. for winning the Best Paper Award at Digital Heritage (DH'15)!

September 2015

We got one paper accepted at ICCV in Santiago de Chile! Congratulations to Riegler and Schulter, et al..

August 2015

The code for our distractor-aware tracker (CVPR'15) is now available for download.

July 2015

We got one paper accepted at BMVC (oral) in Swansea! Congratulations to Poier et al..


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